ANNOUNCEMENT: English Translations!

Hello, recently our dear Shizk-san made an statement about closing “MASASHI_English” twitter account and “MASASHI’s Words in English” blog for personal reasons.


First of all, we wish her a lot of success and happiness, but specially I want to send big kudos for her. She did an amazing job not only translating MASASHI’s words, but also sharing her experiences with us. Thanks to her, we knew more about MASASHI and Versailles. Actually I was motivated to start translating MASASHI’s words into spanish because of her. We are so grateful with you Shizk-san, thank you for everything!


So now, I will start to translate also MASASHI’s words in both spanish and english!


It will be hard to rearrange and adjust the site (I just bought the domain and so on ^^;;), but it’s not impossible. Well, spanish version is still “under construction” in some pages, so I will do my best to make a useful site for both spanish and english speakers!

Maybe I will change the site to “MASASHI Translations”, but I will take that decision later xD


In the meanwhile, I will post both translations (spanish/english) on MASASHI Spanish Facebook page, so please stay tunned!


UPDATE: You can start to read english translations under the tag “English Translations“.


Important note: Enlgish is not my first language but I’ve learned it since I was like 5 years old (Thanks mother! <3) BUT it’s not as perfect as I wish, so I apologize if I make some mistakes ^^;